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About Us

Cavalry Bear is a small indie studio specialized in developing fun and engaging video games.

We fell in love with video games when we were kids and played every kind of game on every console known to man while growing up. We still cherish many of the precious memories of the different games that made us, one way or another, into the people we are today, and we want to create new such moments both for the veteran and the new-coming players all around the world, and to make them feel the kind of wonder, love, and awe that drew us into this beautiful world.

We’re located in Buenos Aires, at the heart of Palermo, the audiovisual cradle of Argentina.

Behind of Bear


Alex was assembled in the Soviet Union. He’s the guy behind all things CavalryBear, and also the one responsible for turning all our stupid ideas into playable games. He has the mutant power of multitasking, and can be programming, playing a videogame, reading an article on Medium and chatting on WhatsApp… all the while having a fluent conversation with you. He can talk about video and roleplaying games for hours. It is said that he once killed a bear with his bare hands.

CO-FOUNDER / Tech-Director

Tech Director / Game Designer / Business Guy



Diego is the Art Guy, director, illustrator, and a Shaolin Monk-level designer. He is also in charge of our brand and marketing. Diego has the sharp eye of a shark when it comes to design, and he’s known for being able to transform a morgue into a kindergarten only using Photoshop. Buying toys, doing graphic design, rolling on the floor with his dog, and making barbeque for his friends make him happy. Diego is a heavy metal addict and is convinced that having a beard makes him look cool.

Co-Founder / Art-Director

Art Director / Graphic Designer / Illustator


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