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Name Project

Quests & Heroes


Strategy / RPG / Action / Adventure

Quests & Heroes is a mobile game that combines cool casual gameplay with procedurally generated content and the depth of RPGs and rogue-likes.
In development for iOS and Android.

The Game

Have you ever dreamt of going on an adventure? Of slaying mighty monsters, taming dragons, saving princesses and princes, and why not, even entire kingdoms from certain doom?
In Quests & Heroes, you can do exactly that! Or rather, make sure the guy doing it doesn’t die a horrible and painful death at the hands of those dragons, and the occasional disgruntled prince or princess. As help-for-hire, you will have to accompany numerous adventurers on their quests for power, riches, and glory.

It is up to you to carefully prepare all the equipment necessary to withstand journeys filled with dangerous enemies, traps, and other encounters. You will also have to support the adventurer that hired you with just the right item at just the right time. A small misstep might mean an unfortunate and premature end to the adventurer's career, but don't worry - there's always plenty men and women with enough ambition and poor judgement to keep a companion employed!
Plan Ahead

Be the mastermind behind great deeds!

Quests & Heroes is at its core an inventory management game. Armed with some knowledge about their adventuring employer, his or her quest, and the locations they will have to journey through, the players will have to think very carefully about what items and equipment will be the most useful and will also fit into the adventurer’s budget.

Overcome any odds!

During the adventure, you can only use the topmost items from the bag you brought with you. And as it often happens with well-thought and meticulously planned endeavours, you’d better be ready to improvise! Will you give that magic sword to the adventurer now, even though he’s fighting common orcs, only so that you can reach the health potion beneath it? Or will you bide your time and risk a fatal critical strike?
Procedural Content

Endless fun!

Each procedurally generated adventurer is unique with their own appearance, story, abilities, and quests! Have them earn money and experience through side-quests, and when you feel you’re ready, accompany them on quests that advance their personal story. Help them avenge their families, topple evil dictators, find magical treasures, marry princesses, and more! Never worry if one of them fails to achieve greatness and dies along the way - more are always waiting to take their place. And you can always resurrect them if you feel particularly attached!
Original Soundtrack

Play to some awesome sounds!

Adventuring is even more fun when accompanied by a great soundtrack! Feel your enemies suffer the blows of your employer... Or perhaps you'd rather snicker at the adventurer's unfortunate attempts to fight a dragon!


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