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Project Name

Ragnarock Racing


Action / Racing

Ragnarock Racing is a mobile game about a viking warrior that has to rock and race his way through the spirit worlds of norse myth to reach the ultimate goal - Valhalla.
In development for iOS and Android.

The Game

Rock through the worlds of myth on your way to eternal mead and battle!
A mighty warrior has fallen in battle! It is not a time for woe though, as this is the perfect opportunity for you to speed through the spirit realms, carried on the wings of your diesel-powered valkyrie. One last test has Odin in store for the greatest warriors of them all - an eternal race to the gates of Valhalla from the prying clutches of the sombre eternal hunt.

Hack, punch, and speed your way through the mythological world sof Niflheim, Muspelheim, and many others, and make sure you are among the first to reach the sacred halls of the ancestors! The worlds' inhabitants and other fallen warriors won't be your only obstacles on this glorious journey though - beware of the silent dark hunters that seek to drag your wondering soul down to Hel!

Rock Through

Multiple Spirit Realms!

The last and most glorious viking's adventure will take them through the Nine Worlds that rest in the roots of the World Tree. Avoid the sophisticated traps and defenses of the World of the Dwarves and the hulking brutes of the World of the Giants! Smash through the dead hordes of Hel and the magical enchantments of the World of the Elves!

Take your Valkyrie to the limit of its speed and break the barrier between one world and the next in your ultimate quest for Asgard and Valhalla!

Gear Up!

Upgrade your steed!

Your trusty Valkyrie will take you all the way to the Halls of the Ancestors, but you might get there even faster - and smash even more of your enemies on your way - if you upgrade your mechanical steed with best of Njord's items, and the latest of Loki's inventions! Speed through your enemies' attacks, keep Valkyrie under control through treacherous obstacles, and strike your foes with powerful magical weapons!
Original Soundtrack

To keep you company on this journey of mayhem!

Take your adrenaline levels to new heights with an awesome soundtrack of rock and metal that will get even the most rugged vikings in the mood for some hack, slash, and explosion through the Nine Worlds of the Yggdrasil!


Would you like to learn more? We're always interested in any feedback or ideas you might have, so don't hesitate to write to us!

Even though currently unavailable, we are working on setting up an email subscription for any of you who might want to keep informed of all of the latest news regarding Ragnarock Racing and CavalryBear. Meanwhile, please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and visit our Facebook page!